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Email Marketing

email marketing ahmedabad, email marketing bangaloreWe provide Complete Email Marketing and Campaign Management solutions from india. However, you want to do it by yourself, we also provide right tools for web based Email Marketing.

Email Marketing is all about building Relationships and Engagement of the audience. Effective email marketing services are value for money – It is best alternative out of all choices available for online marketing strategy. It is cost effective, it can be highly targeted and customized, and its performance is measurable.

Strategix’s Email Marketing Solution is Complete Email Marketing and Campaign Management Solution, Completely Managed or Do it Yourself.

Managed Email Campaign & Email Marketing

We’ll create Concepts for you to get you engaged with your consumers through Email Marketing Campaigns.
We’ll create a Professional Design Email Marketing Campaigns for you. Click here to view Email Campaign examples.
Sending Email Campaigns
We’ll send Email Campaigns on your behalf. We do it all from our end. You don’t require additional servers or any extra internet bandwidth.
Spam Management
We’ll use our expertise to make sure your mails aren’t marked as Spam and don’t unwittingly break any Anti-Spam laws.
Bounced Mails
We will manage the emails which “bounce back” to avoid your future mails sent again.
On your behalf we will take NO as an answer, so if anyone is opting-out, he can do so without worry of getting more mails in the future.
We can Track and Measure performance of your email campaigns which can give us the idea for next campaigns.

Do It Yourself Email Marketing

Manage Lists and Subscribers
  • Customizable sign-up forms
  • Simple list importing and exporting
  • Subscribe/unsubscribe management
  • Opt-in confirmation option
  • Get new subscribers from your web page
Create and Send Emails
  • Upload your own template Or, choose a pre-designed template
  • More than 170 Templates to choose Edit as needed
  • Manage images
  • Make it personal
  • Share with friends via social networks
  • Automate emails
Track, report and analyse
  • Real-time reporting
  • Invalid email address tracking
  • Export lists
  • Google Analytics
LETS start now it’s so easy!